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Er'body Love Me, I'm So Flyyyy


!GUYS. It's petewentzSECRET please make any comments about your secret anonymous. It really brings the LOLZ!

Oh and just because:
insinuate it: haha i got to use my cute Michael Rosenbaum icon
insinuate it: so I'm happy
insinuate it: LOL
insinuate it: fo real
ToesInTheSand816: that icon is cuteness!
insinuate it: i love him
insinuate it: :]
insinuate it: i was like, "hm should i use kanye? pete <3s kanye. nah. i'll use michael. he's sorta pete related because he's friends with jensen ackles, who works with jared paledecki (sp?), who's friends with chad michael murray, who's on one tree hill where PETE GUEST STARRED."
insinuate it: i have SUCH a weird logic
insinuate it: and i know too much about the WB kids
ToesInTheSand816: It's like 6 degrees of Pete Wentz
insinuate it: :]
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